Problems that still exist since the beta days

No reason to get rude the people here are trying to help you.

Give up, Brian?

It’s not a memory issue I checked, its not a memory leak either I checked that too.

I’ll ask this again:

Who is minding the store? Is no one at McNeel checking and maintaining Brazil?


but seriously, I was wrapped up in other tech support the remainder of yesterday, apologies for the delay in getting back to you on the last displacement issue you reported. Can you provide a file with a displacement mesh set up in such a way that crashes on your machine? If you are not running out of system memory when the crash occurs, I agree it sounds like a bug.

Brazil development has taken less of a priority given other projects but to my knowledge it’s still an active product. The displacement render mesh modifier is actually part of the RDK in Rhino which is a suite of rendering tools any plugin can use. I apologize as well that @andy has not had the time to say the same thing in this post that he has said in others. He is in charge of Brazil development as well as a bunch of other projects. Not to make excuses further but we’re a smallish software company and everyone involved spends time supporting our users and plugin developers daily, this can lead to time limitations and decisions regarding prioritization. I’m sorry you’re not happy with Brazil or more specifically our speed of development on it. Please feel free to return your copy for a full refund at anytime. This goes for all our products, and although I hope you don’t give up on us, it is an option if you’re not satisfied for any reason… see the “guarantee” section here

One more thought regarding water/ocean rendering. I’ve done a fair amount of fluid simulation work in the past and I would not recommend displacement for this in any program I know. I’d either use a Noise texture in the bump channel of a metal or glass material or use an animation program that supports fluid simulation, ideally a simulator with a special fluid modifier for ocean surfaces. I don’t know of a Rhino plugin yet that helps here however at this time.

Understood, Thanks…

I get very good results using displacements and extracted meshes for static images-very convincing water! Bumps do not work for Me they don’t receive shadows properly but they reflect properly, they don’t show waves against the boat hull or other objects.

I have no problem with Rhino/Brazil its the very obvious bugs (that I am sure are currently known to the developers) that existed in the beta versions that have never been fixed that are killing Me.

I can understand reporting rare, obscure, hard to find bugs. but the ones I am experiencing should have been noticed when testing a new feature when it was first implemented. I noticed these two bugs again
after playing with the settings the day You released your excellent video on displacements.

I just can’t take anymore of My time playing Capt. Obvious for things the developers should know before anyone else!

The rest of My issues have been reported in one form or another. If I find anything truly obscure I will report it.