Rhino won't load

I just downloaded and installed the brazil evaluation and now I can’t get rhino to open. It flashes the startup screen for a second and then nothing. If I look at my task manager I can see that Rhino is running and using memory but it never actually opens.

Any ideas?

I’ve never seen this before - but just to confirm that it really is Brazil, please try uninstalling it to make sure that Rhino runs again.

  • Andy


Thanks for responding. I meant to post again last night that I had resolved the issue. It was Brazil that was the problem but it was partly my fault. It was my second time downloading the Brazil evaluation and I was hoping it would give me another 15 days because I made the mistake before of installing the evaluation and then not having any time to actually try it out. So I think it was because Brazil couldn’t load correctly into Rhino because it recognized that my 15 day demo period was over.

I just ran Rhino in safemode and disabled the plug-in and then uninstalled Brazil. Everything is back to normal now.

Thanks again for the reply