Problems in Layout

I had copied drawings from the file with the template - Large meters into a file with the template- Large millimeters. The problem now i faced is that the texts in the layout turn to be too huge like in the picture the green and the white patches . How can i reduce the text size? Do we have any option to directly select all the text at once?

Hello - look in DocumentProperties > Annotation page and see how Annotation scaling is set - that should be the thing to change.


perfect! it worked. But i didnt understand what’s happening here… can you briefly describe what just happened ?

The annotation size is set for layout space and the ‘model space scaling’ allows annotation to be scaled -(btw each dimension style has a model space scale) - to read properly in model space. So if the layout is in mm, and dimensions look correct there, they may be tiny in model space if that is in meters - the scaling allows them to be bumped up in model space.