Possibly a simple problem but stuck

I lost my original .3dm file and only have the STL version. How do you create a .3dm out of an STL?

Is there a function to just copy the points? Or any other way.

Many thanks for any pointers.

Hello - you can make a 3dm file by opening the stl in Rhino and hitting Save. But I think you are asking, how do make my mesh into the original smooth surfaces in my model ? the answer in general is you can’t - you need to rebuild it - hopefully using the mesh as a reference.


Hi Pascal, Firstly thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I’ve been pondering over this problem for years and now I get why I don’t find the answer. You were right I drew a rectangle sort of object and only saved it as an STL. I was looking at turning it back - now I know.

Thank you once again and all the very best, Jono