Mesh --->stl

Hi. I am sending to print a file. I would like to add some people that I have in meshes.
So I was planing to model to mesh, then boolean mesh the people and then export the whole model to STL.
Do you know if this cause any problem ? If i am wrong STL will convert my nurbs to mesh anyways .

Thanks a lot
this forum is helping me a lot.

Hi Bruno
Make this verification: After exporting the file to .stl, use the import command (and import the file, stl just saved), then use the command> Analyze> Control. The window will display the mesh quality and if it has defects (zero faces, nonmanifold borders). If there are defects, there are 2 ways, eliminating defects using Rhino commands (To get your head around the process, find the “Scan, Cleanup, Remodel” document.) , or if the defects are small, they could be solved with the printer slicing program).


Thanks Simon , but is my workflow ok ?

I print to use the export command to the .3dm file (which is in NURBS). I do not think there is any problem if the .3dm file is in mesh.


Hi I can not find CONTROL ? Is it present on MAc too?

Sorry … italian menù…