Problems building .rhp file

Hello All,

I’m working in Visual Studio 2013, and Csharp, building off of the SampleCsModelessForm example by Dale Fugier, and I’ve run in to a strange configuration issue:

I can “run” my code, in “debugging” mode, rhino 5 fires up, and I type in samplecsmodelessform, and the command line doesn’t accept the command. the plugin hasn’t been loaded and the command doesn’t exist. If I try to drag and drop the .rhp file in to rhino to load the plugin, I get a very generic error that reads:

'Unable to load SampleCsModelessForm.rhp plug-in: initialization failed."

clicking on details doesn’t give me any further information.

the one thing i noticed is that the .rhp file doesn’t update when I build my solution. the “program debug database” does, but the .rhp file with the same name doesn’t.

any information or help would be extremely helpful, thank you.

  • The error usually means that a dll dependency is missing. If you have references to dlls, they should be in the same folder or in the search path.

  • You can force a build our rebuild by right clicking on the project and selecting the corresponding action.

thanks for your reply menmo.

I’ve tried building, and rebuilding, and cleaning the project a number of times. and I havn’t been able to resolve this.

the next thing I 'll try will be to simply reinstall the code, clear out the project and re-add it, etc. Do you know if the rhino sdk runs in to issues if you use github etc.? have you encountered any discussions about that?


p.s. thanks again for your quick reply

Hi Nick,

I just cloned the project for GitHub, built it with VS2013 and ran it with Rhino 5 SR12. I did have to re-reference RhinoCommon.dll, as the project references a different location (of Rhino) than I have on this system.

Anyway, the project works as i would expect.

– D