When Compiling Plugin-Project no .rhp-file is created in my bin Directory


so when I compile this RhinoCommon Plugin-Project that I started working with the last few days, the Rhino software opens up Rhino (untitled) which is fine. But when I type in the PluginManager-command to then install the plugin, I can’t find the therefore necessary .rhp-file neither in the bin directory where it is supposed to be nor in any other directory of the project.

I am using Visual Studio 2015 on a windows machine.
There are lots of commands inside the project.

I hope someone can help me figure this mess out.

Visual studio always compiles either an exe or a dll file, depending on project type. Rhino plugins are always dll files that have a different extension which informs Rhino it is supposed to treat this dll as a plugin.

So unless you have a post-process set up in your visual studio build, you’ll end up with dll files instead of rhp files. Do you have a dll with the same name as your project in your bin\debug folder?

Yes, there is a .dll file with the same name as the project, but when I try to install that file an error occurs telling me that RhinoCommon.dll can’t be in the same directory as the plug-in. (When I added the RhinoCommon.dll I made sure to set local copy to false.)

Well, copylocal=false may be the case, but once copied it’ll stay there. You’ll need to delete that dll by hand, and if it appears again during a build process there’s a copylocal=true somewhere.

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Thank you very much. You were right and it works now :slight_smile: