Loading wrong rhp when debugging

Hello experts,

I am developing a Rhino 5 plugin using Rhinocommon with Visual Studio(VS) 2013. During the development, I duplicated my VS solution and decided to work on the duplicated solution. However, when I debug, Rhino will not load the .rhp file built by my new solution but the one in the original VS project. Does anyone know how to tell rhino which .rhp to load during debugging?

Thanks a lot!

Answering my own question.

So Rhino knows which rhp to load after you install the rhp in the plugin manager. I forgot that the first time we debug our plugin, we need to install the rhp by telling rhino where the rhp is. All I have to do for my duplicated VS solution is to reinstall the plugin by specifying the path of the rhp files.

Here is a link that will help, especially the bottom of the page: