Error in loading SampleCommands.rhp with Dependent DLL is missing

Hi guys,

The rhino developer sample file is really good resourse for the beginner. I encounter a tricky problem. The SampleCommands.rhp can be loaded OK in the computer with Rhino SDK. However, the problem happen when I want to install SampleCommands.rhp for another computer without Rhino SDK, the plugin can be loaded and the error infomation is:

Unable to load SampleCommands.rhp plug-in: Dependent DLL is missing.

I have checked there are no DLL to be used in the SampleCommands codes. Why this problem happen?
Other examples like SampleImportPoints is OK for computer without Rhino SDK.
What is the problem and how to fix it.

Many thanks,

I deleted some cmdcommand examples and it runs well. I will try to test the file one by one to get the file that may lead to the problem.