Problematic V-Ray

First of all, GPU and CPU rendering creates different outputs, most annoying of all is the toon material, where the lines only render in CPU mode and not GPU mode even with in hybrid mode.
The default materials in vray like glass are completely disastrous, the glass comes out as a solid dark green colour.

I also tried creating a glass material with the default generic and then glass setting. Doesnt work perfectly, i am not able to get the right reflections, after a couple hours of tinkering i found out that using the generic materila with the generic settings and changing the refraction and reflection there is the best outcome. May I please know what is wrong with my latpop/software.

I am a student, only started using vray for half a year, and have been relying on basic white renders and photoshop to create views and scenes.

Would be very grateful for any advice.

CPU and GPU engines are not yet 1 to 1 in features. If your scene is dependant on a feature that works better with one engine, use only this one for this project.

Hi Zcftlox,

You’re welcome.