Vray Next Rhino6 Toon

I am using V-ray NEXT for Rhino 6.
I set up a scene and was rendering since yesterday with V-ray toon as an override material for my geometries. It was working perfectly using GPU and C++/CPU. All the lines were visible with toon material. Suddenly, the GPU an C++/CPU based rendering started to act weird and doesn’t show the lines in the render. If I switch the rendering mode to the only CPU, then the result is coming as desired.

I tried tweaking the threshold settings in toon material but it isn’t helping. Did anyone face this similar issue?

What could be the solution for the same?

Hi @amo310597


Unfortunately V-ray GPU does not support toon materials yet, I had the same problem a month back and gave up due to time constraints.
I’ll have a look around and see if there is any way to force bucket rendering to focus CPU on toon material areas.

yeah. Apparently it was taking into consideration but then suddenly it stopped. Anyway, not relying on GPU much.

I’m looking at different work arounds, but at least at the moment any options I can think of would end up taking longer than just rendering with the CPU from the get go.
Hopefully this is something that V-ray will support soon, also a bit annoying that V-ray for Max has a toon render element, which could be helpful.

Yeah, no worries. Thanks :slight_smile: