Problem with wire cut


I seem to be having a problem with wire cut, and I’m not sure what I’m missing (unless it’s a legitimate bug).

Here’s the 3dm file.
Catwalk.3dm (170.1 KB)

Expected behavior is two circular holes cut through the poly surface.

Thanks for any assistance!


Wirecut seems to work OK here, remember to check the command line options and make sure you are using the correct reference plane for the cutting.

OK, correction, if I look at the video closer and use Wirecut like you did, it does give a funky result. I never use it like that, I just press enter to cut through the objects and that works fine.

In any case I would not use Wirecut here, but instead MakeHole…

@rajaa - something to check?

I didn’t even know about that command, thanks!

Unfortunately, both that command, as well as just extruding a cylinder and doing a boolean difference both produce similar weird results.


Yeah, that’s wild - same exact steps (unless I’m missing something) and it works for you but I’m having problems.

Given how I’m still relatively new, I’m not even sure where to start for trouble shooting this.

Thanks for taking the time, though!

I think you should change the model unit to millimetres and the absolute tolerance to 1.

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Actually, kept it at meters, but changing the absolute tolerance to 0.001 seems to have done the trick, and I think that makes sense given the circles have a radius of 5mm.

Thanks for the assist!

A small follow up comment here.
Both WireCut and MakeHole use BooleanDifference as part of the process, so if using BooleanDifference does not produce the desired result, then the problem is not likely to be with one of these commands, but rather with the boolean operation.