Selection issues ongoing

I have an associate who continues to complain about his attempts to select certain entities within his workspace, and he says that Rhino V5 always ends up assuming he’s wanting to select objects that are behind the actual ones he’s wanting to be selected.

He says that Rhino V4 was never this bad.

My only guess is something to do with the Z-buffer functionalities of his computer setup or something on that order.

Someone please help.


Erik, is the user working in Ghosted mode by any chance?


no, he usually works with a shaded display mode or a rendered type permutation

I’ve probably never seen him use the ghosted mode. Sometimes he will make some surfaces have transparency, but almost never. He doesn’t really even utilize different display modes; he kind of just uses whatever it happens to be on.

The best thing I could do up to this point is checked his auto camera target adjust view setting for its properties of

“Rhino captures a depth buffer after Pan/Zoom/RotateCamera, and then compares the target point to the depth buffer contents. If the target is outside the depth buffer range, the target depth is set to the depth buffer range center. Only the target depth changes, the target does not move sideways and there is no redraw.”

…as per stated in the help file. However, I’m not yet able to find any other adjustments or analysis to be made as per “depth buffer”

I’m wondering if there’s a “depth buffer” situation in relation to selecting entities within the workspace, and am curious if we can tune it up somehow so that Rhino can better assume our click-selections among the foremost entities rather than any that are more aft than others.

soooooooooo, what say you?

Hi Erik,

Do you have a sample file you can send? Maybe indicate an area where selections are an issue too. We have an open item to investigate (RH-21286) but it’s lacking an actual sample file for explanation.

Send into or use referencing this forum thread in the upload notes.

In my opinion, a sample file would be nice; when I get time to generate one for this purpose.

However, I strongly believe its a Z-buffer-depth computational issue as related to the actual computer hardware as well as potential ‘Rhino-special-z-buffer-depth’ functionality as per RhinoV5 architecture. Hence, I don’t think a sample file would do this issue any justice.

The help files speak very little about Z depth buffer. I wish there was a way to adjust this specifically relative to selecting overlapping items and/or adjacent items that are nearer the front most zone of the 3D depth within the viewport.

Rhino5 should simply assume the user wants the foremost objects to be selected upon the first attempt of clicking mouse button. Rather than pulling up a list of half a dozen objects that overlap eachother.

I guess no one cares to shed light on the z-buffer characteristics of Rhino. …

I guess two replies from the pros in 4 days is top notch problem solving.

I’d say, rather than generate a file, if you encounter the problem, save the view and indicate what the pick location was and what you are selecting and then SaveAs and send the file- that way there is a chance of reproducing the exact problem you see and we can see about making adjustments.