Difficulty selecting objects with clear materials

Just noticing a bug with selecting objects that have a glass material assigned. Unless you put your cursor directly on an edge objects wont select. Unlike an opaque material the clear materials seem to have a problem when clicking on any area but an edge. Seems to happen only in “rendered” or raytrace modes. All other display modes work as expected.
Anyone else having this issue?

Rhino 7
latest update installed.
Windows 10
Nvidia Titan XP video card.

Hello - I do not see that here in the latest. Can you post a simple example file?


Here you go! Simple objects but they have the clear material and opaque material. Go into rendered mode and try clicking on the surface not the edge. Dont marquee select either just point and click. Opaque materials are working but clear materials do not .

Clear selection bug.3dm (508.5 KB)

Happens here all the time as well, V6 and V7, in rendered (or custom-modified rendered) mode.
Can post sample file as well if needed.

Ok so Im not crazy. I was worried I found another bug that only happens to me or I broke Rhino again. LOL

No, its quite common, almost every file we work on, just learned to click on edges which is quite annoying but a workaround became a habit.

Yeah i just assign a working material to the objects until I need them to be clear. Its a pain but in a pinch.

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Hmm, probably pick buffer for transparent objects gets messed up. I do see it here as well.

@Pascal, here is another sample - while a simple file with box and transparent object works OK, a slighty more complex version (many boxes and planes) starts showing this behavior. Please try picking the closest transparent plane in the saved NamedView - you will get all the objects behind, but not the front one.
Maybe it has to do with multiple transparent objects behind each-other sorting… No idea but again, this is very common issue.
sample_selection_problem.3dm (810.4 KB)

Im finding that even with a single transparent object the problem is still there in my case.

Logged as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-63013

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Hmmm, seems like I can’t replicate that issue on my Rhino 7 (7.4.21054.9561, 2021-02-23). I can select any object in the scene while into Rendered viewport.

Its not that you cant select the object, is that you can only select when putting the cursor on a surface edge OR marquee selecting. If you click in the field of the surface on an object with a clear material in rendered mode thats when it wont select.
I just wanted to clarify that we could select but only by clicking on the edges. If your not having that issue then I would love to know why it affects some but not all users.

I can click wherever I want on any surface and that will either select it immediately or bring the tiny pop-up window object for selection if there are 2 or more objects near the mouse cursor.

Hmmm. Well, I wish I knew what was causing the problem for me. Ok, thanks for the feedback.

It seems like this issue is related to the Z-buffer of the video card or some graphics setting in Rhino. I use Nvidia GTX 1660Ti with the latest drivers and it works perfectly fine.