Selection priority of ghosted mode

Hi all.

On Ghosted mode it seems the selection (simple single click) priority have curve/wires/edges always above rendermeshes, whatever the “depth” is:
Even when a wire/curve is completely hidden:

I don’t know if this was meant to work this way, but personally I would really like to have selection to work exactly the same way as in Shaded mode, selecting the nearest object “hitted” by the clicked pixel…

Hello- that is indeed by design.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

I don’t understand that.

There is some control over this? To change the selection priority?

On crowded models, with Ghosted mode, selection feels like more randomic than else…

Hey Riccardo,

did you find out where to set the priorities? I also want a solution for that, because I love the artic mode, but working here is really annoying, because selection is alsways catching things in the backround…:frowning:

Hi Homa -

That shouldn’t be happening in the Arctic mode, only in modes where you can see through objects.

Please copy-paste the results from the Rhino SystemInfo command and provide a simple 3dm file that can be used to check this issue.

I still don’t understand how selecting something that is completely hidden is “expected”.
I understand “filtering” objects from selection by “how much transparency of meshes decreased visibility” is probably a too-expensive task.
Instead, giving the option to have the selection behave like in shaded mode should be simpler… not?

This happens incredibly often, for me.
When you have dozens of geometries in the same place, selection with a simple click is absolutely random, or it prompts the drop-down selection all the times…

Anyway, is this expected too?
selection bug
selection bug.3dm (2.0 MB)


  • select both
  • deselect (CTRL-click) red by clicking on the surface > good


  • select both
  • deselect (CTRL-click) red by clicking on the edge > bad, the edge lose all priority and is “bypassed”, deselecting instead the object behind

Hi Riccardo - I see this, thanks.
RH-73197 Deslection glitch


RH-73197 is fixed in the latest WIP

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