Problem with raytraced viewport performance

Hello Rhino community,

I have a question-topic about Rhino for MAC - perhaps you’ve seen this before.

I am writing on behalf of a few design students who have chosen to use Rhino 7 on the Macbook Pro.

The issue is particularly related to computer performance when entering the raytraced view.

Although I suspect you’re going to want a crash report or something related, which I’m happy to try to obtain, I still wish to quickly describe the problem:

When triggering the raytraced view, a black rectangle blocks the view.

At first it appears to be the usual cycles/sampling process gradually generating the rendered image, however it prevails and does not go away after leaving the renderer work uninterruptedly - see bottom right corner in the picture below:

Multiple solution attempts were reported such as removing textures/materials, reinstalling software, calling Apple, and/or fully reinstating the OS.

In an isolated/particular scenario:

We conducted a few tests to identify the issue; most of these tests had to do with turning GPU on and off. It wasn’t until the entire OS was reset that the black rectangle seemed to finally go away, however when entering the raytraced view again, even with the simplest object present like a box, the viewport goes black partially when orbiting or panning, and then it gradually clears itself as you stop the camera movement.

This only happens with raytraced view.

These are the computer specifications:

Notice the OS is Monterey. Before the computer was reset, the OS had already been updated to Ventura, which seems to be supported already as per the system requirements shown on the Rhino download page. Since the black rectangle problem with added performance issues happened while ventura was installed, a place-holder suggestion was to stay with Monterey until the semester ends, yet that does not seem like an adequate solution if ventura is supported.

What could we be missing? Is this an OpenGL-related problem? Is there a tweak to the graphics you know of we’re accidentally ignoring here? We checked this post from *previous years:

Thanks in advance for looking into this or providing some relevant information.

Let me know if you need other details.


I strongly suspect the problems are coming from Apple’s “Rosetta” tools, that only do an okay job of supporting Intel CPU and OpenGL software on the new Silicon processor Macs.

The fix will be Rhino V8, which will be a binary compatible build supporting the Silicon CPU and Metal graphics tools.

Ah! Does this mean using V8 wip should help or are we talking about waiting for official V8 release?

Thank you @John_Brock,

I appreciate your help.

You can try the WIP now, but it is incomplete, and not ready for production work.
But yes, the tools that are complete or mostly so will be much better in the WIP than in V7.

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