Problem with locked object transparency

In my rendered display modes, I always set locked objects to transparent, but lately this doesn’t seem to be working. Is this a bug? In the attached image & file, the top row of objects is locked & the bottom row is unlocked.

locked bug.3dm (536.6 KB)

So, here is the same file in V6:

Actually, solids stay material color, but surfaces become transparent as expected.

Anyone else???

Thanks, Peter. I see this too and filed it as



Hey Peter,

This is happening because internally the built in materials get converted over to PBR materials…and the PBR material processing is ignoring all of the display’s material settings… If you select your material and convert it to “Custom” (i.e. instead of “Plastic”), you’ll see that things now work like V6.

I have just fixed this in V7, so it should be in next week’s WIP.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks for the detailed information & for fixing. Now I just have to get off of Windows 7…

Hi Jeff,
This is working perfectly in Shaded, but in Rendered it only works on the colored shapes and not the grey ones in my file. The grey shape materials are assigned by layer, and this still seems to ignore transparent setting. Let me know if I’m not making sense…


Hey Peter,

Ya, I missed the part about overriding the material assignment when in Rendered mode…This is now working here in our local release build and should be in the next V7 WIP.


Wonderful - thanks.

Seems perfect so far.