Breps with sub surface texture are not displayed transparent when locked

All is in the title.

why do you think any object that is locked should be displayed transparent?

As far as I know locked objects are grey-brown-ish.

Ok i agree it’s not as obvious. Lock objects can be set as transparent in the display options. It’s working fine expect if the shade mode is set to shown render texture in which case Breps with sub surface texture aren’t transparent but still displayed in the selected shade mode.

From McNeel any plan to fixed this bug??

Hello - I see this, thanks.


RH-53130 is fixed in the latest WIP

@brian still happening in V7, sub surface with differents textures aren’t diplayed transparent when locked.

Immerged sub surface painted in blue still in blue while the lock bottom polysurface appears transparent.
Could that be fixed?
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Can you please attach a 3DM that demonstrates the problem?

export bottom locked polysurf.3dm (6.3 MB)
@brian please find attached example.

Hello - here is how that looks here, in a rendered viewport:

is that what you expect?


Hello Pascal, in rendered viewport without locked objects or layers it is what i would expect. But if you set locked objects or layers to be dispayed with transparency then sub surface aren’t displayed as they should.

Hello - so, here, with a display mode that specifies transparent locked objects, if the layer is locked but the object not, then I see what I showed in the image above, as expected I think; if the object and not the layer is locked, then I do see that some faces are transparent - the ones assigned ‘Oxidized Aluminum - Natural - Scuffed-002’ and some not. If I understand what’s going on, since the display mode asks for transparency on locked objects, all faces should be transparent - that is the bug you are reporting, correct?



@pascal , don’t you think that should be the case? Well it seems obvious for me. Is there any plan to fix this? it was already discuss on V6 RH-53130 and fixed.
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