Locked object color

In shaded mode I have set locked objects to display a certain color. When I lock a layer, only some layers respond by changing objects on the layer to the locked color. Is there a setting I’m missing? All objects are set to display by layer.


Locked objects will respect the locked color.
Locked layers do not have a specific appearance, nor any way to control that unless I’m missing something. Which I believe is a good idea and I will write it up-


i thought it was a bug lol

Interesting. Then why do objects on some locked layers respond and other do not? I have 2 layers-doors and windows-that when locked, all objects on them change color. I have other layers where the objects do not change color when the layer is locked. There is are differences in the layers that I can find. I’ve provided a link to the file.

Looks to have something to do with the objects that change color being blocks. If you explode the block, they do not change color when locked at the layer level.

Well that’s annoying! Thanks Kyle.

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Hi Dennis -

In your display mode, go to the Objects page and check the box for the Apply these settings to layers setting in the Locked Objects section.

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