Problem with GhPhyton Script

When using Rhino6 with included grasshopper I get the following error with GhPhyton Script.

MultipleAttractors (29.2 KB)

Can you check and see if you have another version of iron python installed on your workstation? It looks like it might be similar to this:

official description:

similar example from old discussion:

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Dynamo works with 2.7.3?
If I install ironPhyton 2.7.5, do you think I will have problems with Dynamo?
Any other solution?

other than what’s listed on the official description link, I don’t know of any other options. I can say that what we did, (described in second link), works for us.

Here is some further discussion over on the Dynamo website.

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GhPhyton Script works with the current version of IronPython 2.7.9 ?

Rhino ships with it’s own version of iron python. There can be a conflict with the version that installs/distributes with Revit/Dyanamo. It’s described a bit more concisely here.

WIth that said…you should start with the instructions listed on the official mcneel developer site, (first link in my first post).

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Thank you very much Chris I will follow the instructions. I hope I have no problems with revit.
Greetings and I will be commenting my results