Error when running Python in Dynamo


I am writing revit 2023 version.

Can you provide some additional workflow information about what you are doing when you get this error? Thanks.

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I think it was written in version 1.0 of Dynamo.

User2740, I don’t have dynamo installed. What is the overall goal of the script & how is Rhino.Inside.Revit involved? Is the python code referencing RiR? You can directly post formatted code to the forum if need be.

If you run Python while performing dynamo without revit inside, an error message appears as in the first attached image and rhino insde is disabled.
Python Script.txt (2.7 KB)

It appears you are running a dynamo script that is unrelated to Rhino.Inside.Revit.

The oops something went wrong error above is typically due to not having a Rhino license available. Can you open Rhino on its own?

The Dynamo Script you are trying to implement looks like its cropping elevation views, please see Rhino.Inside.Revit View Extents Component for a similar workflow.

Hmm… Apart from that, revit 2023 is currently using python3, which takes a lot of loading when running grashopper. Is there any way to improve this?


Rhino and Grasshopper are using IronPython (2.7.12)

What Grasshopper plugins do you have installed? Can you provide your Rhino plugins (type SystemInfo into your Rhino command line and post the results here)