IronPython Distribution Question

Hey @AndersDeleuran,
@dan pointed me to a conversation you were having on the dynamo forums with respect to the IronPython distributon. Are you still seeing problems in V6 when a different version of IronPython is installed in the GAC?

I may be able to fix this in Rhino by forcing the load of the IronPython that we ship, but I don’t want to do anything if this is not a problem anymore. If the problem still exists, what can I do to try and reproduce the issue?


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One of my V6 upgrade clients had a similar problem today, I am waiting for them to get back to me, but it’s a 4 day weekend here, so I may not know anything until Tuesday…

I haven’t actually upgraded to V6 (yet), but did experience this problem when using the WIP. This is the thread on the Dynamo Discourse forum:

And the GitHub issue, and the official response/fix from the Dynamo team.

As far as I can tell, this issue is pretty much 100% on the Dynamo end, but I suspect you guys can probably shine a brighter light on that assumption :wink:

That said, it probably would be “safer” to force the IronPython Ioading as you suggest.



V6 uses a newer version of IronPython which may fix some of these issues. I don’t want to change anything unless I can figure out that the problem still exists. Thanks

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