Problem with curve's normals orientation


I’m having trouble with curve’s normals orientation. My initial geometry is a mesh, and I need curves from mesh faces because I’ll need them for loft component later. The problem is that when I use deconstruct brep and evaluate surface - from mesh faces, all vector normals are oriented outwards (correct normals), BUT when I do evaluate surface - from curves from mesh faces, some normals get filpped and some don’t (wrong normals).
Is there any way that I can unify curve’s normals so that they are all oriented outwards? Please note that I need the final geometry to be a curve.

Please see the attachment below

curve normal orientation.3dm (62.8 KB)
curve normal (12.8 KB)


I’m not really a fond of casting surfaces to curves and to surface again.
Using Deconstruct Brep + Join Curves, it seems all curves are counter-clockwise.
They are not planar though so you can’t use Planar to get the normal. You may need to keep the surfaces for orientation later on.

curve normal (16.3 KB)

Face Boundaries + Face Normals also work directly.


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Thank you very much!

This works well! When I use loft component afterward, all surfaces have the same orientation.