Trying to unify curve normals / tangents

A little bit of background…
I have a surface brep that was made by lofting two control point curves. I have projected lines onto the surface and am basically trying to offset those lines outward perpendicular to the surface based on surface normals where each line occurs. It’s sort of working except that the lines have different normals and so some of the perp frames that I am using go in the wrong direction. I don’t have perpendicular directions right now, just x-axis based on perp frames which I am sure I can sort out later if I can just get all the curves unified.

I have made lines to illustrate the problem.

I’ve tried flip the curves with a guide (circles and also one of the curves indexed out) but it did not work. I also tried rebuilding, exploding and redrawing the curves to no avail. Not saying these are not the solution, just saying I’ve tried.

Here’s the definition and a screenshot
Curve (15.0 KB)

Please help, I’m losing my mind :slight_smile:

Curve (24.0 KB)

This works wonderfully… using the surface normals instead of relying on the curve tangents. Totally workable for what I am trying to do, thank you very much!

Out of curiosity, is there a way to unify the curves that I have? Or does a work-around always need to be employed in this kind of situation?