Orient Towards Surface Normal

Hello All,

I need to rotate or re-orient breps following the direction of a surface normal. What I have been doing is inputting a surface and dividing it into vertical rectangular pipes.

By default they all face the same direction.

Ideally, I would like each of these rectangles to be oriented towards the surface normal of the surface they correspond to, like this:

Any idea how I can do this with GH? Here’s the script:
orientwithsurfacenormal.gh (35.5 KB)

Thank you all

hello, the solution is very simple just try the following steps in sequence.

  1. Convert that base surface to an untrimmed surface if it’s a trimmed surface. (Very Important) Hint - use Sweep2 Component.

  2. Use Evaluate Surface and that will give you a normal Vector (N), and Plane (frame).

  3. Now, Deconstruct (frame) and use normal Vector (N) for creating a new Plane.

and done use those new Planes to orient your geometry.

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You can orient your rectangles like this:

You have to cull 2 of the planes because they overlap. You can use a Point List component to display the location of the plane origins so you can determine which ones you want to cull.

orientwithsurfacenormal_re.gh (17.8 KB)


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Hi Kevin and Jay, thanks so much for your help, this is all I need!