Problem with creating smooth surface using loft

10_21.01.12.3dm (68.8 KB) (6.2 KB)

Hi, I am new here and i am trying to create an undulating surface using circle and loft.
But i have encountered a problem after connecting geometry line to loft component.
as you can see the surface seems twisted i wander what is wrong?

and this is the way i used to loft the circles.

Use loft option(adjust seam). (10.5 KB)

Here’s a quick way to make shapes like that with more control of the overall shape: (9.6 KB)

As @HS_Kim said, use the adjust seam for a seamless loft.

I personally would first use align curve seams from the Pufferfish plugin to get the desired start/end points aligned.

This can help in organizing your file if you want to make changes down the line. If you use align curves from the loft component, you won’t get these aligned curves to use later

How often is it really necessary to “get these aligned curves to use later”? In most cases, later operations will use the lofted surface as their basis so there is no need to use a plugin.

At the top of my head, generating custom diagrids (lunchbox doesn’t allow specific direction curve separation) driven by floor layout.

I often find myself utilizing underlying curves to get the desired operation done instead of using surface commands

It is just my personal preference as I like to leave the possibility in case of design changes at a later stage. It has saved me quite some time in the past!