Multiple circle loft issue

Hey there, i tryed lofting this circles but it seems like there are some seams issues. I tryed fixing it with the pufferfish align curve seams, but maybe i did something wrong (35.4 KB)

Your file is missing the input.

Please right click the two input components and click internalise…

Ups, here it is! (178.8 KB)

you need to add a guide to the curves to be aligned against. Pufferfish cannot compare the circle to anything at the moment. Some kind of source, which would be oone circle per loft to align the others of the loft.

You can adjust the seam like this, using the highest point on each curve: (166.2 KB)


There is no need for any kind of alignment is the surface frames and Circle are used instead of the CNR component. (175.4 KB)

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That worked so smoothly, thank you! Very smart solution

Actually I might have missed something. Do you want to have the circle along the line also in the loft? (165.7 KB)