Problem with creating mesh from surface/polysurface - going mad

Dear people with experience,
I’m new to Rhino and I’ve hit one of my first Rhino walls - creating a mesh from surface.
Actions: when I build a simple box and try to create mesh on it’s surfaces, it gives me this result shown in the file.
It divides only one surface into 2 triangles and that’s it. I’ve tried all the refining options in the polygon mesh detailed menu…all to no avail.

thank you in advance,

Hi Valchi - the object is an extrusion - use Explode/Join or ConvertExtrusion first to make it into a regular polysurface. Extrusions have a different structure and mesh in their own way…


Thank you for a prompt reply, it worked and it has saved me a lot of time and effort!
It feels great to have such support, especially when one is crash course-ing themselves into Rhino.
I see many more walls ahead, but it has become indispensable for what I do.
Thanks again,

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Do you know about the free to download course materials? Good for self study