Uniform Mesh Surfaces

sometimes i see windows tutorials or just some quick infos that offer a mesh from a polysurface far cleaner or lets say more uniform than possible on mac at first.

also recently discussed here Bubble Letters

it works though as expected when i explode the polysurfaces. @dan do you know anything about mac rhino surfaces having trouble creating an appropriate mesh?

Can you please provide a Rhino file with a simple polysurface that exhibits this behavior?
If there’s anything special to do please include those details too.

No, I’m not aware of any general issue.

just a simple mesh out of anything which is created through extrusion or a standard box. simply mesh does not do, so exploding (and rejoining) is the only way to get there, or is that intended?

here the settings which only apply after exploding, till then changing the settings does not affect anything.

here a test file

Mesh Issue.3dm (5.9 MB)

thanks @jeff_hammond, i tried your suggestion, but it does not seem so affect the mesh it even seems that nothing happened when i use this command. i still have to explode to get it how i intend. also moving one SolidPt a little and back makes a proper meshable object out of it i just figured… not sure if that is supposed to be so.

the command won’t convert existing extrusions into polysurfaces… if lightweight extrusion are already ina model, they’ll still be there regardless of the UseExtrusion setting.

try setting it to Polysurface then create a new object.
any different?

Use _ConvertExtrusion to convert existing extrusions into polysurfaces. --Mitch

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editing a solidPt of an extrusion will convert the object to a polysurface if the resulting shape is one that’s not possible as an extrusion … that’s why you’re seeing this behavior and yes, it’s supposed to work like this.

so this command is actually a switch, i completely misunderstood, yes indeed it works now thanks.
but still the mesh should be the same from an extrusion or from a polysurface i would think so maybe thats a bug?

No, meshes on extrusions are special “lightweight” cases… to have full meshing control, you need to work with polysurfaces.


which in that case concludes this issue or lets say misunderstanding. just one last question, once i made a mesh is it possible to divide it further?

You can split mesh faces with a curve (SplitMeshWithCurve).