Boolean extrusion and polysurface?

Is this not possible? I’m getting a failed message with this attempt.

And there’s also this anomaly that shows up in shaded mode but is not there in the zebra.


If by “anomaly” you mean the surface displayed not following the curves then your display mesh is too coarse. In Rhino for Windows I go to Properties > Mesh and adjust the settings.

Try scaling the extrusion in one direction so it doesn’t overlap with that narrow stripe of the polysurface.

To save the “Smooth & slower” display mesh settings permanently you must set it in a new file, and save it as a template.

Which Boolean command are you trying to use? Can you upload the file? (or is the internet connection I’m using too slow?)

I’m just trying to join them. I tried scaling the surface a bit but I still get a fail. (150.6 KB)

Are these discrepancies by design?

In any case, I’d just use splitting and trimming and joining at the surface level.


Another way is to extract the polysurface top curves (Extracted Curves layer), and build the upper piece from there.
ArgoFlex5-2.3dm (524.7 KB)

There’s a tiny offset at the front that blends into the side, so yes that is required. The second shot is what I got after scaling down the end of the extrude surface of the bottom solid as per a suggestion. I’ll go the split and trim route and