Problem with Boolean

cutting problem.3dm (5.6 MB)
I am having an issue cutting the centre polysurface with the outside poly surface (I want to be left with what you see in the hole.)

I have tried Boolean difference, Boolean Split, and Boolean 2 Objects, and all of them fail to boolean.

The rectangular blocks are all identical, and aligned.

I cannot see why.

Looks like Rhino is having a bit of difficulty splitting the complex object… What I would do is first duplicate the edge of the odd-shaped “window” hole in Right view, temporarily hide the big rectangular block and then trim the complex polysurface with the duplicated curve. Then show the rectangular block, and Split the block with the trimmed polysurfaces. From the split result, delete all but the main block, then select the imner polysurface and the block and Join.

Here is the result…

CutSolid.3dm (3.4 MB)

Boolean operations are combined intersect/split/delete/join operations, so if they fail, it’s a good idea to try manually and see where they fail. Then try to figure out a way to either fix or work around it.

I can either cut it out or Union it, but once I have done one or the other, the other one won’t work. This seems bazaar to me.

Sorry, misread your original post. BooleanSplit works fine here…
CutSolid2.3dm (3.4 MB)

That’s strange, what fails for you works for me…I can get a result with booleans.
Anyway, you could also trim, just trim from the right view.

OK so that first one helped, I did a split and then caped the planar holes to re-close the surface. However, I stiil can’t union it with the end object (see new attachment).

This is really frustrating (forgot to say I am using Rhino 5)
Cheerscutting problem2.3dm (7.5 MB)

Hi Dave - if you are trying to Union the grip texture to to the handle, you’ll need to close up the grip texture objects - they are open at locations that intersect the handle. A good way to troubleshoot Boolean operations is to Intersect the objects and looy at the resulting curves - they will often point out where the problem lies:

Open curves: