Problem while I enter new licence Key

Hey first of all excuse me for my english.
I need your help, I bought the educational licence of rino, received it by mail. But when I try to put it on my cloud zoo it ask me an older version key, what does that mean ? I only got one key
maybe my problem is prtty easy to solve but it’s all new to me.
thanks for your help

Sounds like you might have gotten an upgrade license key and not a full license. If you didn’t have a previous version, that won’t work. In that case I would suggest you contact the place you bought it from and get the upgrade license exchanged for a full license.

@Helvetosaur is correct.
There are no purchased previous Rhino versions associated with your email address. I do see your upgrade order with the Barcelona office.

You will need to return the upgrade and purchase a full (non upgrade), license.

Free 90-day evaluation licenses can not be upgraded.