Problem with my new licence

Hi! I just bought a new licence for rhino7 and when i try to configurate it, it ask me for an old licence from other version but i only have an old version code from rhino7 too that is expire. It doesnt take that one so i dont know what to do.

If you bought an upgrade license of Rhino but don’t have a previous paid license to upgrade over (V6 or earlier) then you won’t be able to install it. Evaluation versions do not count as previous licenses that are upgradable.

If that is the case, contact the person/company who sold you the upgrade and ask to return it - you will need to buy a full license (costs more).

So i have to pay $125? (educational version)
Thanks for the answer !

The “official” price of a full educational license is $195/€195. There may be places that are selling it cheaper than that, but $125 seems surprisingly little. Beware of people trying to sell illegitimate versions. Only buy from an official authorized Rhino reseller or directly from McNeel.

Yes a wrote it wrong. Its $195 the official. Thanks again