Problem trying to make a grid from a reference surface or mesh

Hello, I’m new to Paneling Tools and Grasshopper in general.

I used the plug-in Ladybug to create a mesh with the Shading area needed for a outdoor location. The output can also be a surface. The next image shows the optimal shading area that came from the simulation:

But when I try to use it to make panels and the structure of the roof, the grid is not made correctly. It’s like the plug-in made the grid of a box around the geometry. I used the surface output or it, not the mesh.

Could I use the mesh output from the simulation to create a grid? Or am able to use the surface version of the output, with a mesh that follows the shape?

It is generally easier to create the paneling grid from curves or surfaces than from a mesh, but it is possible.
Can you attach the file (with the mesh) and the intended output you need (or a rough sketch of it) so we can help?

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This problem of the grid extending beyond the surface happen when using the output surface of the simulation or another complex shape. When using a rectangle or similar shape, it does not happen.

Since getting a grid in the shape of this complex shape seems to be difficult, I’ve decided to manually draw a rectangle roughly the same area and shape of the output of the shading analysis, since that’s good enough too :slightly_smiling_face:

But if you want to check what kind of surface had this problem, I uploaded it here:
Canopy area grid.3dm (70.7 KB)

@pablo.batista58223 I put together a video for you to show how to create the mesh for your surface. Let me know if you have any questions.

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perfectly explained, thank you very much!

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