Error while baking from rhino7 to revit2021 with rhino inside


i’m having trouble getting the geometries i created with grasshopper directly into revit. I created (lots) of rebars in a wall that i imported from revit. And when using the command “baking” in revit an error message appear.Reviterror

Any idea what’s wrong?

Here is the gh file if neededtest ferraillage (36.8 KB)
couldn’t upload the revit file, but it just need a wall or a floor (sorry)

This is what I get running on Rhino.Inside Revit v0.4 baking from the Revit Ribbon.

Are you on v0.3?

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hey, i have no idea, and to be honest i got hired somewehere else so i can’t even check which version i had :confused:

and a coworker showed me a way to imported the rebars in revit from grasshopper so my problem is solved :slight_smile: