Rhino.Inside.Revit not "baking" in certain files

Hello, and thanks in advance for any insight!

For some reason, RiR will not create any geometry in any file that was started with our office’s Revit template file. I can get RiR to generate geometry automatically (as expected) in an ootb Revit project template, however the same grasshopper script will do nothing in our project files.

I noticed the issue as I was trying to create a complex site model and assumed there was an error in my scripting. But I can get that same script to generate geometry in a default Revit project. So as a test, I set up a simple grasshopper script to import a basic cube as a direct shape and ran the script in two Revit projects side-by-side (see attached screenshot). Sure enough, the default project worked fine and our office project showed no results.

The workaround for now is to generate all grasshopper geometry in a default file and then copy/paste to my project file. However, this makes all grasshopper geometry uneditable in the file where it is needed.

I’ve attached our office Revit template file, rhino file, and grasshopper script. If anyone could shed any light onto this mystery, I’d greatly appreciate it!

cube.3dm (24.6 KB)
cube.gh (6.2 KB)
Platte Project.rvt (11.4 MB)

It’s baking, just not on a visible phase.

:man_facepalming: Why is it always the most obvious, straightforward solutions that get overlooked? Thanks for the help!

You’re not alone in this one. It got me the first time and i’ve helped a few others as well.