Problem Spanish Language Pack Rhinoceros 5


I want to change the rhinoceros 5.0 language from english to spanish, but when i download the language pack from here and i try to install it, windows don´t let the installation begins, and a pop-up says the following “This installation pack can´t be opened. Check if this is a valid Windows Installer pack”.

Sorry for my bad english, it´s not my first language. Thanks very much!

By any chance, if you right-click on the .msi file and chose “Properties” (General), does it have an “unblock” button at the bottom? If so and you click on unblock, will it install?

Otherwise, I might try re-downloading it, maybe the download was bad… The size should be 67.8 MB (71,110,656 bytes)


No… it doesn´t work.

I had it download three times now, and neither of them work :confused:

It could be a problem with the original archive, but if anyone else has created a topic then… i think it would be mine

I don’t know then, here the installer launches OK - I just tested it. Are you the admin of the machine? Is there any firewall or AV software running that might be causing this? And another shot in the dark - downloading with a different browser?

Oh, and what version of Rhino are you running? It needs to be at least SR6 or later for the language pack to install I think (I highly recommend running the latest in any case).