Rhino 5 SR4 Language pack doesn't work

Hey there,
I need help to solve a change of language problem!
I have it in German (no other language is installed) and I DO NOT know german. You can imagine how critical is my situation :triumph:

It should be trivial, I know, but there is no way to make the installation with the proposed language pack (https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/5-language-pack).
I am wondering if it´s not because I am using a Rhino 5 SR4 version and the language pack is for Rhino 5 SR9.

To be precise, once downloaded, the windows installer starts but closes after few seconds, with the green bar at its half-way. It could be that the installation is very quick, either it doesn’t finish it!

Thanks for your help!

Why are you using SR4? We are on SR 14… Try updating, the language pack should work. --Mitch

Yes Helvetosaur, I would but it is not my computer and I was wondering if there would be another solution (if this is the real problem, of course)

Pretty certain that is it, as the language pack installer is based on minimum SR 9 (and later). In any case the standard answer to anyone having problems with an SR previous to the latest will be to “install the latest SR and try again”…