Language pack link doesn't work


I am using Rhino 5 and would like to install an English language pack.
Unfortunately the link on the Website doesn’t work:
Is there some other place i could find that language pack?


Hi Georgy -

Thanks for reporting that, I’ll have someone check the broken links.

I’m not very familiar with language packs but are you sure that English isn’t available from Rhino Options > Appearance > Language used for display?
Or, in German: Rhino-Optionen > Erscheinung > Für die Anzeige verwendete Sprache

If not, you should be able to download Rhino 5 in English from this page:

Provide you eMail address and click Next. On the next page, click Download English Now and install that version.

When you then install that version, it should add English to the options.
Does that help?

Thanks for your prompt reply

There’s no other language to choose from at ‘rhino-options’. I will use the German version for now but it would be great if the language pack could be relinked. Thank you.

Best regards

Hi -

Is that after you installed the English version?

The issue with the broken links is reported as WWW-1059 and you should get a notification in this thread when it is resolved.

Hi Georgy -

That link should now work again. Thanks for reporting!