Updating Intel HD Driver

Rhino 6 likes up to date video drivers, and “update your video drivers” is a frequent refrain on this forum. However if you have an Intel graphics adapter which was originally furnished with a “customized” driver it may appear impossible to update the driver with the latest from the Intel website.

I have found a method to get around the blocking of the driver update and manually install the driver update. The key is to use Device Manager to uninstall the adapter after checking the box to delete the software for the device. The adapter then disappears from Device Manager but will reappear after a “Scan for hardware changes”. The new driver can then be installed manually through Device Manager.

Attempting to update the driver through Device Manager without uninstalling the device and deleting the software resulted in a message that the “best software” was already installed and termination of the update process. Similarly attempting to manually install the updated driver after deleting the device but without checking the remove software box resulted in the device and old software being automatically reinstalled when the computer restarted.


Thanks for posting that.