Problem importing Rhino 7 Dxf's to Drafting Software

Dxf’s and Dwg’s from 7.2.4 are crashing Vectorworks 14, Vectorworks 23 and Affinity Designer 2.0.
The problem has been replicated by support technician for VWX. One fairly large 3D DXF from Rhino imported OK to VWX14, but a series of small 2D dxf’s are causing persistent crashes on import command.

Okay? I don’t know what anyone is supposed to do without any files?

From Googling the very limited info about VW online, it’s probably one problem object somewhere.

The Support technician from Vectorworks has asked me to mention that Autocad viewer can’t read the files either.

I was able to export a square (four curves) and import it to Vectorworks no problem. Clearly there is something in the drawing causing the issue. I’ll track it down with a process of elimination.

The issue seems to be at least partly related to file size. Files over abut 3MB are crashing Vectorworks 2023 and Affinity designer 2 on an Intel Mac but some have imported OK to Vectorworks 2014 on a pre Intel Mac. Files preview fine in Cad Viewer.

Apparently it’s a Vectorworks 2023 issue- according to their support technician.

Yeah generally crashing on import, however mangled the file might be, I would normally consider the ‘fault’ of the importing software.