Problem importing Rhino (6) files to Alphacam

Is anybody experiencing issues when importing closed geometries into Alphacam?
The parts are clearly shown as joined in Rhino prior to import, on importing to Alphacam the surfaces appear to be broken, this is annoyingly an intermittent issue.

Any advice, tips, much appreciated.

Hi Dan - what file format are you using to transfer the data?


Hi Pascal,

We are importing the files as Rhino.3dm files.

When the files are imported to Alphacam they are initially shown as joined surfaces, on applying the tool path to the part a new notification/pop up appears (please see screen shot)

The only options available at that point is to;
• Attempt to join the geometries within Alphacam, a process that takes a long time and not always successful.
• Re-import the Rhino.3dm file in the hope that the import is successful, this may take several attempts.

The issue is not consistent and there appears to be no pattern or common cause.


Hi Dan - can you post or send to (with a link back here in your comments) one of the files that does not seem to work right?


Hi Pascal,

Email sent with file attached.