Camera import from another 3dm file - BUG

I noticed that, when importing a camera from another file, panning and zooming start to behave incorrectly and objects disappear when rotating. This happens even when the scenes are very similar (same units, same geometry, etc).

This bug is still present in SR10.
I use window 7 and an ATI FirePro V4800.

Anyone else has experienced this?

If you turn on the camera you can see where the target is located. This is most likely not where you would expect it to be in a new file - even if they are similar.

In order to find out if it is a bug, it needs to be reproducable and you will need to post example files or a very detailed description of the workflow.

Hi Bogdan - by importing a camera, you mean you are importing NamedViews, is that correct? can you post the file with the views you are importing? You can clean out any objects in the file.



Thanks for the reply!

Yes, i mean Importing named views.
Restarting Rhino fixes this issue. Also the target seems to be in a normal location.
I will upload when this reoccurs.