Problem importing DEM .asc


I try to import data from RGE ALTI® | Géoservices who gives 1m precision elevation data for all France. I can download 1kmx1km squares in .asc format.
I imported these datas in QGIS and got a perfect result. The datas are in Lambert93.
Using laImportDem, I don’t see anything on the select and import window.
Can anybody help ?

Edit : In fact, it works with some files, and not with the particular one I need to work with.

Hi Denis,
ok, can you send us (to “”) a sample file so that we can see why Lands is failing to open it and fix it?

I tried several times (rebooting laptop, etc.) to import one particular file, in vain, but this morning, it worked.
I don’t see any difference, though.