Problem to import .asc file

Hi All,

I’m trying to import an ASC file in Rhino but without success…MNT (67.9 KB)
I tried all the available options
Could you please help?
Thanks in advance,

That is an ASCII GRID file. Although Rhino seems to indicate that it can import .asc files, that is mostly wrong. Rhino can only import text files with point formats in x,y,z. Although there is some possibility that an .asc file might have that format, most often .asc files are a special format that is a grid of only Z values.

You need a special importer for ASCII GRID files. Here is one as a python script. The tutorial below will tell you how to run it. (10.2 KB)
Tuto-Ascii_EN.pdf (788.3 KB)


Thank you Helvetosaur for your help. I’m going to try this.
Have a good day,