PostGIS 9.4 / FGDB 10.0 import

Hello, I have a cnc job making a terrain model of a nathional park in Norway, there is free data available in PostGIS 9.4 or FGDB 10.0 available. Is there any method to import these formats into rhino, or some kind inexpensive program that I can Use?

My alternative is to get the data from the local administration in DWG format, but the price I have gotten is way out of budget due to the size of the area.

Hei Henrik -

I’m not aware of those formats - possibly QGIS will open that…
You should be able to get the terrain data as GeoTiFF from Høydedata, though, and read those into Rhino with Heron or other plug-ins.

Hei Wim,

Thank you for the reply, these formats is the available download formats from “kartkatalogen” at the Geonorge website, N50 map. Regarding hø it seems that a portion of the “Reisa nathional park” is not covered. I will check out the Heron plugin, did not know about that. I also got a tip from Pivot in Norway to try out Landsdesign for Rhino, i will give that a go aswell. Thank you very much for the advice.

Best regards, Henrik

Hei Henrik -

Since you are going N50, have you checked the DTM50 (or even the DTM10) downloads from GeoNorge to see if the same information is missing from those?

It looks like SOSI is also available. Have a chat with @Holo if the DTMs don’t work.

As for Lands Design, that doesn’t read the GeoTIFF files from Høydedata but I haven’t tested that with those from GeoNorge…

Hi Henrik, yeah, I am located in Norway also.

I just made a DTM importer that we use inhouse here. We use the 1 meter resolution from and today I tested out getting the 10 meter dtm automatically too. These are tiles of 5000x5000 px (so 50x50km in physical size) These results in 25 million polygon meshes, but is now in very early WIP testing here. These images are organized in “cells” but I don’t know what cells are where yet, so we will have to do some trial and error.

If you can show the region of what you need in 3D then I can help you out. It will be good to test the new tools on an extra project.

Thank you Wim and Holo,

I am checking out your suggestions Wim, thank you for good advice, it seems like there is data from the area by the way, I just had to follow the proper links.

Thank you for the offer Holo, that would be very nice, here is a link showing the area, it`s the area within the boarders of the “Reisa Nasjonalpark” : Norgeskart

Hope that it`s possible to use data from the area.


The areas from DTM 10 is 7707-2 and 7607-1, the files is to big to upload.

It is a very large area, the length is under 50 km for the Nathional park, but due to the placement on the map it`s two cells in DTM 10.

You could try some of it if, just to see if it works.


I’ll take a look, where did you find the cell info?

(all the below but for DTM 10…)

GeoNorge’s kartkatalog > DTM 50 > Last ned

… så til nedlastinger:

→ Geografisk området > Velg fra kartblad


Thanks, I was actually just looking for this overview so I could see where each DTM10 cell was located.

Thank you Wim. :+1:
That sounds good Holo, thanks.

Also to find the area , one can click on the option “velg fra kartblad” in the drop down menu showing the cells:

This Shows the edit: cells:

Great, I found what I needed, and updated my script to accept urls to those zip’s, so it downloads to memory and reads the content directly and then converts to a mesh. First test is ran now… it takes time to generate as each image results in a 25M polygon mesh. And since each vertex is in the middle of a pixel and each is 10 m wide it will be a 10 meter gap between the two meshes. That gap can be manually stiched together, or one can extract both pointclouds from the meshes and meshpatch both pointclouds again to get a single 50M mesh…

I’ll keep you updated.

PS! This is UTM33, I hope that is OK @Henrik

Thank you very much, I am not shure what the difference is between UTM33 and other possible alternatives.

This will likely be a 1: 27500 scale model for the museum in Reisa Nasjonalpark, CNC machined out of PU block, so the detail level is for this application, I normally work with much smaller areas, DTM 50 might even be enough detail? (if the data load is to big)

I will probably use 200-300% vertical exaggeration in order to get the mountains visible on the model.


The first one is in:

But saving it takes a long time. Maybe Rhino 8 is slower than 7 on this.
It became 1.2 GB, but I see I imported it in a mm file, so tolerance might have caused it to save more decimals than needed. I’ll do some testing.

PS! You can do some reduce mesh on these things as well. I guess you can reduce it by 75% without loosing much (almost any) quality.

That looks really good! Thanks.

Yes, for this application I think one can reduce mesh.

I`ll send you a PM

PS UTM33 vs UTM32 is just the map projection in real world coordinates for those map projections.
UTM33 is used when the entire country is considered as one. This basically affects how north is calculated as you can see that it varies many degrees from vest to east.

Then each zone is divided into smaller NTM zones.

OK, thanks, it seems like it is “sone 33”.

The tiles had a nice overlap, so no gaps in between. The result turned out well!

That`s really impressive work!

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Ps! I just realized that these 25M vertice meshes has 50M faces since they are triangulated. So you can probably reducemesh them down by 90%, to 5M faces each.
Good luck and shout out if you need help.