Problem Filleting Internal Edge Of Stone

I have some perimeter stoneworks, 10mm bullnose around all top edges. I’m struggling to find the best method to fillet the highlighted in red area. The 10mm fillet needs to stop and gently blend out to look neat and professional. How would I approach this and achieve a bice looking finish. Screen shot and file attached, tia for any assistance :blush:
Problem Filleting Internal Corner.3dm (3.2 MB)

I did this by sweeping the 10 mm radius corner profile along a filleted rail. The rail also needs to have a 10 mm radius and it creates a not so nice corner.

Maybe the second option is better. It looks like the inner corner on the other side.

Problem Filleting Internal Corner.3dm (3.3 MB)

Hi Martin, thanks for the input, I’m still struggling to get the results you did. If you have time could eloborate a bit more on the steps taken to achieve that fillet ? cheers Miles

I extruded the arc segments of the other two stones, trimmed and joined both extrusions and did a boolean subtraction.


Martin, yes, not sure why that method didn’t enter my mind, simple and effective, thanks so much for the help, cheers :beers:

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