Filleting inside corner


How do you fillet an inside corner?

(John Brock) #2

The short answer is use FilletEdge and fillet all three edges forming the corner at the same time.
Assuming that you tried that, please post a simple model and the desired radius for your corner.


I tried using FilletEdge. However the program only lets me select two edges using that command. Here is an example of my model. I am attempting to fillet the corners on the inside of the radius and its adjacent corners. The desired radius is .125. I am very new to rhino and am practicing various commands. Thank you for answering my inquiry, John. I appreciate any info you may have. Practice.3dm (3.6 MB)

(John Brock) #4

I don’t see anything I would call an “inside corner” on your model.
Can you please take a screenshot and identify the corner you’re interested in?

I would call this an inside corner:

Ane Filleted:

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Joseph - the object you posted is not closed along the inside bottom of the cylindrical part - Use ShowEdges > Naked to see these and make sure you have a single object with no nakeds where you don’t expect them- FilletEdge will not select edges that are not joined.

Practice_PG.3dm (158.0 KB)

(John Brock) #6

I also see some surface seams that will complicate things.
MergeAllFaces would probably be helpful too.


Here is a screenshot of the edges I am attempting to fillet. I tried MergeAllFaces and history said that it merged 0 polysurfaces and that 1 polysurface could not be merged further. Could this be because the whole model is joined? Pascal, I see the naked edges, however I am unsure of what to do next after they are identified to go on to the next step.

(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Joseph - if you look closely at the file you posted, (use wireframe, btw, shaded modes can hide any number of sins) you’ll see the top part, with the cylinder cut has a bottom plane, and the bottom part has a top plane - these are coincident in the area that overlaps - Join, then use Section on yours, and on the one I sent back, to see the difference - you need to get rid of the internal faces. In this case, ExtractSrf both planes, delete them, and then use Cap on the remaining part to close it up properly