Problem converting my 3dm files to dxf (loss of curve)

I have a problem converting 3dm files to dxf.
The Export function (3dm > Dxf) does not convert all curves in my file.
Is that normal?
Has anyone ever had this problem?
I sent an email to .
I am waiting for a response.
problème conversion de (594.4 KB)

All the curves you have on the layer that is visible in your Rhino file export via .dxf and re-import correctly into Rhino here. Here is the DXF export (2007 Natural) from your 3dm file:

DXF-ExpTest.dxf (172.3 KB)

The most common cause of curves not being exported is that they are bad objects… That is not the case here though. You do have all the little circles doubled however.

The e-mail address is incorrect - there is no ‘a’ in McNeel.

problème conversion de (1.0 MB)
I added the original file.

As mentioned above, the most common cause for objects not being exported (99% of the time) is because they are bad (invalid) objects. If you run _SelBadObjects, (SélMauvaisObjets), one of your curves will highlight. That is the one that is missing from the export.

To fix, once the bad object(s) are selected, run _Explode (Décomposer), then immediately _Join (Joindre). That also fixes bad curves 99% of the time. Everything should then export.

Okay, thanks for the information.