Export files rhino3d --> .PDF, .DXF, .AI


Je poste ce message car j’ai beaucoup de problème d’exportation de fichier .3dm vers .pdf, .ai, .dxf, .dwg,… Bref, toutes les courbes sont déformées dès que j’exporte un document. auriez-vous une solution pour que les exports soient utilisables sans déformations?

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Hi Nicolas - could you post a 3dm file and perhaps a picture that illustrates the deformation?



Please find here the files. I can’t export to PDF. Message: Fchec de l’enregistrement. Le module d’écriture de fichiers a échoué.1 copie.dwg (40.1 KB) 1 copie.dxf (244.0 KB) 1.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi - Those dwg and dxf files look fine here.
As for the issue with PDF export, could you try resetting your preferences to see if that helps?
If you have customized a lot, you might want to save your preferences first - see this document:

Thanks a lot Wim for your response but to export to the .PDF file I don’t arrive to do that.
“Le module d’écriture de fichiers a échoué”
I try to find in the library the file " com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist" but it doesn’t exist?
How can I do?

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Did you find the Preferences folder with all the other plist files?

At any rate, as that wiki explained, you only need to go looking for those files if you are having trouble with your preferences that cannot be solved with the highly recommended commands that are meant to be used for dealing with this. Did anything go wrong with ExportPreferences and ResetPreferences?